fredag 12. september 2008

New Stuff Coming Up

I've been working on the next version of Stickman for a while. There will be some big changes and many small ones.

One thing I discovered was that the toolbar with the shortcuts (F1, F2, ...) is a bad habit to use. Most users never find out how the software is structured because of this. I want people to develop from beginners to advanced users without getting boring. So I removed the toolbar in the new version, leaving the user with a drop down list and shortcuts.

The general idea is to let the user with two choices:
1. Select the appropriate tool from a list box
2. Use shortcuts

No colored toolbar that make bad habits.
Here's a screenshot of new interface of Stickman:
(the version number is not changed yet, the new version will be 5.3)

The interface does not look very fancy, but it's cleaner and I love it. It looks more like the old interface of Stickman 4, but I think new users will learn quicker.

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